Transformed my tanning routine, I love it

I don’t tan much as I am pale skin and never get it right, OMG… I was amazed with how easy this was for my hand’s feet and face.

I use the brush during the week to top up my spray tan ,it’s easy to use, no mess and looks so natural on my hands and feet. I highly recommend it.

It takes so long when tanning with a mitt to get it right, especially my hands and feet. They are normally streaky. I found this so easy to use. No fuss and natural colour on my hands with no streaks.

Fantastic that you can use a TAN BRUSH For you whole body, not just my hands and feet.

Oh My Goodness, such a class product, I’m excited to use it.

This brush is unreal, such unbelievable quality, I can’t wait to share how great it is.

I am so impressed with this product, it’s beautifully packaged. Looks and feels amazing! You should be so proud!

I love using this brush, it’s so easy and I have now thrown my mitt in the bin.

Applied tan today again with brush. It 100% gives me a darker tan, the coverage on my legs is so much better and I’m using less product.

Your tanning brush is the best quality I have ever used. The tan is extremely easy to apply, flawless, streak-less, and lasts the longest.